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    And so it begins…

    The craziest time of the year. You may have noticed I didn’t have a post up last Tuesday, and being the type A/planner that I am, it did drive me a bit crazy. But I was okay with it, as I’m learning to be less hard on myself, especially during busy times. And busy it has been! And will continue to be…. and instead of being frazzled, I want to embrace and enjoy every minute of it! So… what have I been up to?

    • Personal: Overall, I’ve been doing great! Trying my best to stay present in everyday life. I’ve noticed that if I wake up a bit earlier during the weekdays, my day goes A LOT smoother. I’m more relaxed, happy, and productive. I’ve been really enjoying listening to The Daily with Michael Barbaro every morning. If you’re short on time, and like to listen to the top headlines, I highly recommend it!
    • Style: Dressing in the fall/winter is always so fun, because I love getting dressed up during the holidays! I also love cozy beanies and other accessories, so I’ve been excited to pair my beanies with cozy sweater dresses and sweaters. This sweater dress – I’ve been LOVING a lot, and will feature it on the blog soon.
    • Blog: To be honest, I’ve been less motivated to post recently. I’ve also been spending less time reading other blogs, which I typically love to do. I guess you could say it’s just been really busy, and blogging has taken a backseat in my life. I’m hoping to change that once I get my life back in order!
    • Work: I’m a work-a-holic… It definitely has its plusses as well as negatives. I can’t share too much here, but I’ll update soon! This area of my life has been keeping me very busy.

    In all of life’s busyness, the one thing that continues to bring me personal joy is getting dressed everyday 🙂 I’ve been careful to only shop for items I absolutely love, can mix and match, and get a lot of use out of. This type of tartan top is so great for everyday and can be dressed up or down! I can see myself wearing it with a formal skirt for upcoming holiday soirees. This Kate Spade tote has been a key item in my closet – it is such a classic and is so soft. Get similar outfit details below!

    What has been going on with you? What are you most excited for this season? Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you have a fabulous week!