• The Key to a Personal & Professional Fulfilling Week

    If you had a spontaneous week off to do absolutely anything, what would you do?

    I started a new job yesterday (!), which was very unexpected but also very thrilling. As some of you may now, I started working remotely for a publishing company when I was laid off from my last job at a marketing agency over the summer. I’m still at the publishing company (part time), but now I’m also working part time for another company – a media company! I am beyond excited as these are two career paths/industries I’ve wanted to work in for quite some time. I’ll share more in the coming weeks, but the point of this post is to share with you guys what I did during the week before starting the new gig.

    • Worked: I worked part time (remotely) so I still logged in these hours during the week.
    • Mini Vacation: I visited my family over the weekend, accompanied my mom to her first day of a new job, and then came back to Sacramento that week.
    • Professional/Personal: I attended an Open House at Paul Mitchell to get more information as becoming an esthetician is something I’m still considering (later down the line). I also mixed in some fun by getting a deep conditioning treatment. Getting pampered is one of my favorite things ever 🙂
    • Blogging: Plugged in some blogging time; writing posts, brainstorming new ideas, engaging in social media, getting inspiration from other bloggers.
    • Personal appointments: doctor’s appointment, dating consultation (for fun and why not?!)
    • Doggie time: Spent A LOT of time with Zoey and taking him to the dog park. This is the thing I will miss the most about starting a new job at an actual location (no more 100% working from home and unlimited doggie time!)
    • Friend time: Had lunch with an old coworker/friend and a belated birthday dinner with other friends.
    • Fun: Slept in most mornings, binged watched Fuller House, shopped for costumes for a friend’s upcoming themed birthday party, relaxed, enjoyed my surroundings, took walks to savor the fresh fall air.
    • Productive: Sunset runs, pilates, wardrobe organizing, life planning (ha – that’s a thing I do).

    The key to a fulfilling week for me is — balance. A mix of work + pleasure, personal development, professional development, relaxing time, fun, friend time, and doing something different. All of these things are important ingredients to a fulfilling week, month, year.

    Two staples that helps with the above: a great outfit and good food! Done and done. Get (similar) outfit details below.

    What does a perfect/fulfilling week look like to you? Share with me below! Thanks for stopping by today and see you next Tuesday, sweeties!

    On another note: I’ve updated my “Everyday Essentials” widget on the homepage – it was super fun to find fall/winter essentials  to hopefully add to my closet soon! Check it out if you want some inspiration, it’s on the bottom right 🙂

    Thank you to Sarah Everett for the photographs – it’s always a pleasure working with this lady!