• Casual Autumn Essentials

    Hello, cuties!

    Not going to like, sitting down to write this post (the night before Halloween) was a bit of a challenge. I typically write out my posts in advance, but due to the busyness of life this month, I didn’t get to it till the night before. This month has been a crazy one; lots of fun/excitement, tough times, new beginnings, new people, etc etc. I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and savor it. One thing I’ve been enjoying this month is cooking up a storm; I’ve made several delicious dishes including a spicy Korean chicken stew and mushroom risotto. I love laying down on my bed, and pinning new recipes to try out for the upcoming week. I’m excited to try out an Irish stew and mushroom tacos in November!

    Now that it’s getting cooler in Sacramento, I can finally wear my fall things, like a cashmere cardigan. I still can’t bring out the beanies and scarves quite yet, but soon enough! This ruffle t-shirt dress has been an absolute favorite this month. I’ve worn it a couple of times already – it’s just so effortless, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. Another favorite are black “combat” boots – they just give an effortless and chic vibe to any ensemble, and I’ve been wearing it a lot, especially walking around midtown/downtown this month. This cognac bag has been my go-to all season long, it’s one of my favorite purchases for tote bags to date! I can easily put in my laptop, books, and all kinds of on-the-go things. I highly recommend it.

    I bought a new cashmere sweater last week, and I’m so excited to start wearing it! I love cashmere, it’s just such a soft and special fabric 🙂

    What are you looking forward to in November? What have you been wearing this autumn? Share with me below! Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you next Tuesday!

    Get my casual autumn look below! 🙂