• Calling Content Creators | Mixing Fall Colors

    Content creation is an interesting task.

    Whether your job is to create compelling/quality content for your blog, job, or other endeavor – it is definitely a challenging thing to do. At least, I think so. I have no problem creating content on a weekly basis; I actually find it more difficult because there is so much I want to share that it’s difficult to pick one topic area. Whether the content I create is compelling/quality or not, that’s up for debate. Also, it depends on who you ask! Lately, I’ve been thinking about content creation in general. In our digital day and age, we are inundated with SO MUCH content. Everyone is creating content and it gets to be too much. Way too much, especially since new content is being created and shared every single minute/hour/day. Mostly, I’m talking about social media, which directs you to other sources of digital content. When you think about it from a marketing perspective, are you really connecting with your target audience? They are shifting through their feeds so quickly that your hard work may go unnoticed. But can we really blame our audience? Do we really want them to be glued to their electronic devices to catch up on all of this content that is being created? I guess the point of this rant is — it depends on value. If you’re adding value to your audience, or even adding value to your own life (which is personally why I blog/create content here). Many of the bloggers I follow, they add value to my life because I see their content as a source of reading pleasure/enjoyment.

    Anyhow! I’ve been going through my closet and organizing it to prep for the colder temperatures. I love shopping for new clothes, but I just don’t have the funds for it. Crossroads Trading Co has been my saving grace. I love looking at fashion blogs as a source of inspiration, not for shopping, but for new ideas on how to style clothing. My style has been a bit more simple these days, but I love “amping” it up a bit. Like – by putting a velvet hair ribbon in my hair. Or by mixing contrasting but complementary colors together, like the gold/yellow dress with mauve booties. Mauve booties are such a great idea, and goes well with so many fall colors. I’ve linked some really great options below, such as these ones (more affordable) and these ones (GORGEOUS!). The dress I’m wearing – I’m actually putting for sale on my Poshmark closet. For the fall season – I’m offering 30% off 3 or more items! Lately, I’ve found another purpose for blogging – styling some of my clothes that I no longer have room for and want to sale online, via Poshmark. So there’s another value in content creation 🙂

    What are your thoughts on content creation? If you create content for your job or for fun, how do you feel about it? As a consumer of content, how do you view content? I’d love to know!

    BTW – lately I’ve been thinking a lot about finding your passion. I’ve been taking notes every day, and I thought it would be fun/cool to do a post on finding your passion. Maybe create a monthly series… What do you think? Would you be interested? Let me know! 🙂 I know, I know, more content to consume… ha.

    Have a fabulous week, and hope you are enjoying fall! 🙂