• Embrace Discomfort

    Helloooo Tuesday, we meet again.

    Today, I want to talk about the mantra I had set for myself earlier in the year, back in January. My #1 mantra for 2017 has been embrace discomfort. Life is filled with so many challenges, upsetting situations, undesirable circumstances, fears, personal struggles, and .. well general discomfort. It’s normal. However, discomfort has prevented me from doing many, many things that I really want to do (like travel, in particular flying, meeting more people, i.e. men I find attractive, get my dream job, start a business, etc). So: I thought, instead of fighting these unpleasant, uncomfortable feelings – why not use it to my advantage? And that’s exactly what I’ve been striving to do this entire year. Some days, I struggle, especially the last two months. But then, I remember my mantra, and pull myself out of a dark situation. Having a mantra (and I have a visual of this on my desk) really works wonders for the mind! You know what they say… mind over matter. Embracing discomfort has been one of the best mantras I’ve set for myself this year. It’s allowed me to push myself to do new things, scary things, uncomfortable things, different things, and most importantly – to challenge old, negative, unhealthy thinking. I’ve “grown” so much this year, in large part to this mantra! (crazy)

    It’s time to start thinking about fall staples! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll probably notice most of my outfits are pretty “simple.” I gravitate towards simple, but lovely, staple pieces. I’m not big on trends at all, mostly because I know what looks good on my figure, and also because my closet and bank account are too small to invest in trends that come and go. My idea of staples are: a black slip dress (I’ve worn it here), a grey cashmere vest (cashmere is my new-ish guilty pleasure!), and this new cognac tote bag (finally, an item that is exactly as pictured – this rarely happens!). The best part about a simple outfit? Sprucing it up with fun accessories, like a head wrap and choker necklace.

    Tell me: have you embraced discomfort recently, or is it something that scares you? What fall staples have you been wearing?

    Have a lovely first week of September and see you next week. Thanks for stopping by 🙂