• Getting Through Tough Times

    It’s been a tough summer.

    I try really hard to keep a positive attitude in life and on this blog, but I have to be honest – this summer has been one of the darkest summers of my life. Between getting laid off, losing health insurance, sleep issues, anxiety issues, stomach/health issues (all related, I’m sure), my family’s doggie passing, and all the dark news in the world, it just feels like I’m falling deeper and deeper into a black hole. It’s frustrating to me, because I’m the type of the person who has always been extremely positive and optimistic, and now – I can’t seem to get myself out of this hole. Don’t get me wrong – not all days have been bad. In fact, this quote stuck with me, “Not all days are good, but there is good in every day.” Lately, I’ve been working extra hard to find the good in every day and to maintain positivity, even when I feel utterly depressed about life (this usually passes once I gain strength or give myself a reality check).

    The day that I wore this dress, pumps, and tote – I felt mostly happy all day, and I’ll explain why below. Maybe it’ll help out any of you who are going through tough and trying times.

    • I got dressed up! Hair done, makeup on, heels, dress, and tote picked out
    • I had a few wonderful meetings (never underestimate the power of networking/connecting with others)
    • I attended a start up seminar/talk (great way to learn something new)
    • I did one thing that “scared me” (in this case, I made a doctor’s appointment with a local clinic – I don’t have health insurance at the moment so this was on my mind a lot)
    • I made myself a delicious dinner (baked potatoes with yummy toppings: bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, and beans) – this is super important as I’ve been feeling down because of my stomach/health/anxiety issues!
    • Took a bath

    Some other ideas that I think will help as well:

    • Listening to a podcast (news, or interesting topics) – I think this will be extremely helpful to get outside of my head and focus on outwardly things. Also this ties in with giving yourself a reality check – things could be a lot worse.
    • Truly getting outside of your own head/”problems” and investing in others (volunteering, seeing what else is going on in your community, showing interest in your friend’s lives) – I want to focus on this more!
    • Embracing it all – I have to remember that everyone goes through tough/dark times, it’s just part of life. Without the rain, there’s no flowers, that sort of thing. Beauty in all aspects of life – good, bad, and ugly.
    • Personal passion project – to channel all of that negative energy into something fun, positive, and meaningful

    This dress (similar options below) – funny thing, I’ve been thinking about selling it on my Poshmark closet, but now I’m not so sure. I kinda like how versatile it is for business meetings as well as personal meetings. But, if there’s interest, I’ll definitely put it on my Poshmark closet. Just let me know below.

    Thanks for reading today. Kind of a more personal post, but it was therapeutic to write. Have any of you been going through a hard time lately or all summer? How do you get through it? Any podcasts you especially love? I’m looking for ways to get updated on the news, but not NPR 🙂 Share with me below, I would love more ideas! As always, I’m here if you wanna chat! See you next week, sweethearts! 🙂