• Choosing A Wardrobe Color Palette | Job Update

    Fun fact: I am a bit career-obsessed.

    You’d think, that being “career-obsessed”, I would have nailed down what my dream career is… if such a thing even exists. Truth is, there are so many jobs/careers out there (and new ones cropping up all the time), that it would be hard to pick thatย one dream career.ย I wrote about landing my “dream job” in this post, and although I did enjoy working in that field, I believe there are many types of careers that would be ideal for me. As human beings, we are very complex, so it makes sense that there are many different types of jobs that can be a great fit for us. The trick is finding commonalities across those different jobs/careers and using that to aid us in our job search.

    Recently, I was lucky enough to land a gig in one of my dream job fields: publishing. The world of publishing has always appealed to me (I love books! Also, I’m a blogger so I love to share written words with whoever is willing to read them! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Working in publishing had always been in the back of my mind, but because I live in Sacramento, CA, I knew it would be difficult to land a publishing gig in this town. After I was laid off from my last job (in marketing/account management), I decided to try something different. So: I started searching for remote jobs and was thrilled when I found something in publishing in San Francisco! I’ve been at this independent publishing house for about a month now, and I absolutely LOVE it! Since it’s remote, I can work from my apartment in Sacramento BUT with the extra perk of being able to come to the bay for a day (if needed). Win win! Most importantly, I love being able to work for an independent publishing house that specializes in works written by diverse female authors. How amazing is that!?!? I’m still pinching myself every single day (sort of, ha!).

    These photos were taken when I ventured out to SF for the day with my sisters. You simply cannot go wrong with SF as a backdrop. Most items in my closet are filled with warm, neutral, and muted colors/tones. Because of this, I can mix and match pretty much anything in my closet. I know what colors look good on me and I know what colors make me happy. If you’re like me, and don’t have much closet space or money to spend on clothing, I highly suggest trying to figure out what your color palette is, and working with that! You can go through old photos and see which colors you tend to wear most often. You can also determine which colors make you feel the best in those photos. Ironically enough, warm colors for makeup is what I tend to gravitate towards as well. It’s kind of interesting to think about the colors we tend to gravitate towards – with our clothing, makeup, home decor, etc etc.

    What colors do you like to wear? Share with me below! Also, outfit details in the widget below. The cognac tote (a new favorite) and beige cardigan are exact items! The suede cognac boots are a good dupe for what I’m wearing, and I LOVE them! At the knee lace-up boots are a new favorite and so, so, so versatile (great for shorter gals who can’t as easily pull off the over the thigh boot trend- ha!). Thanks for stopping by today, appreciate it! Have a fabulous week, cuties, see you next Tuesday! In the meantime, feel free to interact with me more frequently on IG ๐Ÿ˜‰