• Work From Home Staples


    Happy August, lovely readers!

    I always love the start of something new: a new job, a new dating partner, a new project, a new book, a new week, or in this case, a new month. August is such a transitional month, and it’s one of those months that reminds us to get our butts in gear for autumn and the rest of the year. This month, I will be focusing on a few things: setting myself up for success at my freelance/contract gigs, finishing up my home decor redesign, working through personal projects (including tackling my anxiety issue once and for all!), and enjoying time with friends and family.

    I’ve been hard at work redesigning my living room (and bedroom) to make it conducive for working from home and being a place that I actually want to live in. I never really cared about home decor before (such a huge undertaking and very expensive) but lately, I’ve noticed that I tend to feel happier and be more motivated/productive if I’m in a space that I love. It’s definitely a work in progress, and once it’s near complete, I’ll share more information as well as the process I went through to revamp my living space. Rest assured, lots of it has been very cost-friendly!

    I’m getting in the groove of working from home (working remotely, working as an independent contractor, etc) and I’m loving the flexibility I have so far. I’m still trying to figure out the best system that works for me, so check back in a few weeks on my thoughts on that! Even though I’m working from home, I still want to look nice for those Skype/Google hangout meetings, so in this case, a nice printed top and denim skirt works for the occasion. A printed top (similar here) is perfect for those Skype sessions because it’s professional but still fun. A denim skirt is a nice alternative to jeans if you want to look put-together.

    Aside from a nice printed top, denim skirt, and tassel earrings (or any earrings really!), another staple for me has been: my new MacBook Air! I’ve been a PC user through and through, and made the switch to Mac a few weeks ago. I love how slick the MacBook Air is, which is so great for working everywhere (on my coffee table, on my bed, on the floor, at coffee shops, parent’s house, etc). I’m still getting used to my new computer, but one thing I do love is how quick and easy it is to edit photos! Seriously, these outfit photos in this post – I was able to “edit” with a click of a button.

    What are some of your work from home staples – outfit or otherwise? Do let me know below! I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for visiting today, appreciate it so much!

    Get similar outfit details below 🙂