• Why Dressing Up is Good For You


    I’ve been in a slump these past few weeks…

    Since getting laid off from (one of) my dream job in late June (I wrote more about how I got this dream job here), I’ve been in a transitional slump, you could say. Some days have been great, some have been not so great, and most have been just okay – which is NOT okay! I’m the type of person who generally LOVES each day and lives for the simple pleasures in everyday life.

    I also like a good routine. The routine of waking up, getting dressed (most of the time), and going to work. I’m not good without a routine, I’m learning – and that’s okay. I read in Bryn’s post here why she loves to dress up, and that actually inspired me! So the very next day, I woke up (a bit later than usual, but still okay), and actually picked out this outfit, and put myself together. It felt AMAZING, like I was joining the rest of the world again. My day felt better, I felt better, and I was so much more productive – which I enjoy a lot.

    SO: if you’ve been feeling down, in the dumps, sluggish, I would encourage you to dress up! As in, just put in a teensy bit of effort in picking out what to wear and how you want to present yourself (even if you only leave the house to go to the grocery store). Since I work remotely these days (more to come on that in future posts – I’m still getting the hang of managing my own time), I don’t really have to dress up, so usually I opt for put-together yet comfy ensembles, like this gray midi dress in this post (some gray options in the widget below). I also spruced up the basic dress with some dainty jewelry – my jewelry of choice.

    Next Tuesday, I’ll be introducing a new series to this blog. Something that is near and dear to me, and hopefully something that will be helpful and motivating to you dear readers. Until then, I hope your week is great! Email me if you ever want to chat, you’re feeling down, and need a pick-me-up! I’m here to help 🙂