• Chic Basics To Add To Your Small Closet


    If you’re the average gal, you probably don’t have the biggest closet.

    I don’t know about you, but even though I partially consider myself a life/style blogger, I don’t have the storage space/large closet that many fashion bloggers have. So instead, I have to get very selective and creative with my storage space. Every few months, I will go through items in my closet, and throw out/donate/sell on Poshmark items I no longer wear. It feels amazing to purge out things that are cluttering my space!

    It also makes it easier to put together and style outfits for everyday/events/occasions because I’m working with items I truly love AND that are pretty versatile. For instance, in today’s post, I’m wearing some basic and versatile pieces that truly elevate any look. There’s the quality white tank with pleated detailing (similar tanks in widget below), grey sleeveless cashmere vest (LOVE this item!), denim miniskirt (styled in this post as well), a good pair of pumps, and a leopard print clutch (the only leopard print item I own). And then finally, there’s this dainty choker necklace (I rarely wear jewelry so this is major for me).

    Other than purging items from my closet (and living space – more to come in future posts), I’ve been busy figuring out my life (ha!) My focus for the next few months (and the rest of the year) is to streamline/figure out my career goals, get an internship in PR/content creation, cultivate my relationships (why do I let this fall to the wayside!?), and R E L A X I N G! I’m about to turn 32 soon, and I want to savor this carefree and wonderful time in my life!

    What are some of your must-have closet items? AND delving a bit deeper – what’s your focus for the rest of the year? I’d love to know! Have a lovely week, guys! 🙂