• The Elevated White Tank & Blog Updates


    Happy Tuesday, cuties!

    Today, I’m sharing some photos my sister took when we went to San Francisco last week. We made a day trip to San Fran to walk around, sightsee, get inspiration, and escape the Sacramento heat! Also, I had a meeting in the city (will share more in another post!), which was the number one reason for the trip. My sister is a great photographer, and I love the lighting in these photos (no editing required). She’s also a creative (maker, photographer, and designer), and you can check out more of her work here.

    San Fran is known for its cool weather and hilly streets, so I made sure to dress appropriately. Although, to be honest, I didn’t think to pack a jacket (I always forget how chilly it is). My basic white tank has been the foundation for so many outfits lately. Seriously, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made to date. It’s a clean and crisp white color and is a great piece that I highly recommend. I’m new to the kimono trend, but I’m so glad I picked one up. It’s such a beautiful and effortless piece that makes me feel so put together. Perfect with a white tank, jeans, sandals, and a bucket bag. I think it was a nice ensemble for my meeting as well!

    So a couple of quick blog updates I want to share with you dear readers:

    • I finally created a blog editorial calendar (sounds so fancy, ha!) and will be posting every Tuesday
    • I updated my About Me page – if you’re new to my blog, hop on over for a quick read if you’re curious about me
    • I got a new computer!!! A MacBook Air and so far, I like it a lot! Not sure how this will affect the blog, but I wanted to share with you guys
    • I’ll be adding more diverse content to my blog in the coming weeks: home decor, showcasing local businesses and makers, career, etc.

    I’m excited to create more content on this blog and hope you enjoy what I put out here! Please do reach out if you have any topic/content ideas you’d like me add to this blog! I’m ALL ears!

    Hoping your week is happy, healthy, and peaceful 🙂

    Outfit details below! See you all next week!