• Lisa Lately | Spring to Summer Edition


    Oh, how the year is flying by…

    Life has been a bit busy lately, which is why blog posts have been pretty much non-existent the past couple of weeks. I also haven’t been very present and engaged in the social media realm, which has been really, really nice. I do miss connecting and interacting with you all here though, and I wanted to take some time to reflect/fill you in on what I’ve been up to lately. These types of posts are my favorite to write, and it forces me to slow down and do a mental check-in. I do check-ins with myself every season or so, and it’s fun to do them on a broader scale here on the blog. So…

    Work | As some of you may recall, I started a new job about 2 months ago! I took a role in account management at a creative marketing/branding agency, and I can say without a doubt, that it has been one crazy roller coaster ride! I’m learning a TON about the agency setting, and although I’ve worked in marketing before, working on the agency side is a whole other ball game. It has definitely been a challenging couple of months, which I actually do like (once I tell myself to stop being so hard on myself and to leave work at work). This is something I’m constantly working on. So far though, I’m so grateful and so happy to be working in a field I’ve always dreamed of working in!

    Personal | Things with me have been going really, really great these past few weeks. I’ve gotten better at prioritizing activities that make me happy and incorporating more of it in my day to day life. I’ve been taking a lot of risks (go, me! keep it up!), doing different things, and getting outside of my comfort zone (all things I wanted to focus on in 2017). I’ve also been noticing a difference in my mood when I wake up earlier each day, so I’ve been taking advantage of that! I’m constantly searching for the “key to happiness” and I think I might be on to something. For me, it’s been shifting my thought processes, focusing on the positives, and finding pleasure in the day-to-day moments that pass by really quickly. I’ve always struggled with being overly productive and driven to the point where it made me unable to relax and enjoy the present moment. To-do lists are both my friend and enemy. To make them work with my lifestyle, I’ve been adding fun activities to my list. To-do lists are never-ending – so why not add fun and relaxing activities to that list?! So that’s what I plan on doing here on out! 🙂

    Blog | Nothing new to report here as the blog has taken a backseat lately. I had someone reach out to me recently regarding some of my services as it pertains to this blog, and that was exciting!! The other day, I was invited to attend Sacramento County Fair’s Media Night, which was a really awesome experience.

    Style | I recently picked up some great pieces at my local Crossroads Trading Co, and I can’t wait to style those looks on the blog! I’ve been really drawn to embroidered pieces lately, and I can’t resist a great dress! I love how finding great pieces of clothing can really change my mood for the better – one of my favorite parts of getting dressed and sharing here with you all.

    I hope spring is treating you wonderfully and you’re all ready for summertime! What have you all been up to lately?

    Editor’s Note: These photos were actually taken last year! Since I’ve been slacking on taking photos, I decided to go through old drafts and found these. In the widget below, I’ve linked similar items 🙂