• Ideal Morning Routine | Workday Edition

    My ideal workday morning routine looks a little something like this…

    • Wake up around 7;30am (I don’t have to be at work until 9), stretch, GET UP, and make my bed
    • Take the puppy out for his morning walk
    • Make a quick breakfast and have some tea (or pick up breakfast on the walk to work – either way I like to have a beverage in the morning. I’ve been enjoying ginger tea in the morning and it’s also good for your digestive system!)
    • Wash my face and moisturize with SPF (I’m really bad at this, but I’m working on maintaining a strict regimen)
    • Light a candle and/or diffuse some essential oil (loving a peppermint scent lately), and enjoy the relaxing/fun part of my morning: put on makeup, do my hair, and put together a cute outfit – looking great makes a HUGE difference 🙂
    • Spend some time writing in a journal to set the intention for the day (I’m currently writing in The Happy Journal). I also have framed inspirational quotes around my room. Sometimes I pick one and focus on that quote for the entire day! A favorite of mine is “Do one thing a day that scares you” – then I really try to do that one thing! It’s a fun little challenge/experiment I like to do all week-long! 🙂
    • (IF I happen to wake up a bit earlier and have some spare time) Spend some quality time on something personal/productive: taking blog photos, prepping a post, cleaning the apartment/tidying up, other errand type stuff. It feels amazing to be so productive in the morning!

    The most important (and most difficult thing) is getting up early enough so you are not rushed in the morning. I find that when I am finally able to pull myself out of bed and spend some time eating breakfast, getting ready, AND maybe even doing something productive – I feel so great throughout the entire day! Honestly, over time, I’ve learned that snoozing is usually never worth those extra minutes of so-called sleep. I’ve gotten so much better at just getting up and starting my day on a chipper note.

    Side Note: If I didn’t get enough sleep, instead of trying to get that “extra” hour of sleep (doesn’t make a difference if I’m super tired) – instead of being grouchy and irritable all day, I make an effort to wake up early and spend time getting ready and getting things done. This actually makes my day so much better and happier (despite the lack of sleep). I love this tip on those nights where good sleep just isn’t going to happen!

    Editor’s Note: These photos initially came out terrible (I’m awful at doing lifestyle type shoots), but after some editing and cropping, they aren’t so bad! I actually kind of like how the final product came out! There’s something about white crisp jeans and a mustard yellow floral top that makes me so happy and energized. I’ve linked some similar options in the widget below.

    Final Editor’s Note: For a LONG time (my whole life, really) I was never a morning person. In college, I used to sleep in until noon on the weekends (sometimes past noon!!) But within the last few weeks/month, that’s all kind of started to change. I will never LOVE mornings, but now I kind of like them (if I’m able to just pull myself out of bed in the AM!!)

    I hope you enjoyed this post and it was encouraging to some of you! 🙂 Have a wonderful week and see you next time!