• Curating A Working Girl’s Closet | Quality Black Skirt

    black skirt

    Since getting a new job (my dream job!!), I’ve been focusing on investing in quality and chic work-wear staples.

    I’m at that point in my life (and career) where I would rather spend a little more money on quality AND versatile items that I’ll wear for years to come. The good old classic (but still cute) staples. The pieces that I’m excited to reach for, time and time again. The pieces that I’ll always make room for in my closet. The pieces that make me happy.

    One such classic piece is a great black skirt. A black skirt that you can wear to work, to meetings, work trips, interviews, networking events, maybe even happy hour with a fun top. A black skirt that is either mid-thigh or longer, so NOT a miniskirt 🙂 I chose a black skirt from Rebecca Taylor with modest ruffle details on the ends and in the back. I think the details add a little something extra AND they flatter slimmer figures. I tend to stay away from pencil skirts as they don’t really flatter my body type, but for you curvy gals out there – a black pencil skirt would look amazing on you!

    I’ve searched for a few similar skirts as well as other great black skirts in the widget below. Take a look, if you’re in the market for a black skirt!

    Next up is trying to find that perfect blouse. I’ve been searching for one for YEARS, but have yet to find one. The search continues 😉 If you have recommendations, do let me know! Thanks for visiting and I hope you have an amazing day!