• How To Add A Fun Twist To A Casual Outfit


    This is another one of my top ten favorite looks…

    And it is SO easy to re-create at home! The formula: bright white tank + black jeans + booties + long cardigan + small silk scarf + stud earrings = simple but pulled together with a fun twist. Ha, that’s a pretty long formula huh?! My favorite part about this outfit is the silk scarf I added to le bun. I think it’s such a fun way to elevate a casual look. I wore this outfit to run errands and have a nice leisure lunch and the lady next to me complimented me on my hairdo. I was very, very pleased! I am definitely adding this hairstyle to my ‘easy hairstylin’ repertoire πŸ˜‰

    I’ve noticed that my style has definitely evolved over the last few years. I will never be a trendy gal, and that is perfectly okay. I tend to gravitate towards simple looks (with a twist) and/or super girly or boho inspired. More recently, I’ve learned a few things about my style:

    • I choose more quality AND versatile items
    • I tend to invest more in basic items, like the white tank in these photos (don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out!)
    • Less is more πŸ™‚
    • A dress > pants/shorts
    • I’m more interested in unique and minor details as well as texture. I don’t really like to wear over-the-top or flashy items.
    • I tend to avoid super tight clothing (except for jeans – I like them to be well-fitted)
    • I’m drawn to more neutral shades
    • I’m not a big accessory gal but sometimes a dainty necklace or silk scarf can really change your entire look (like with this outfit)

    On another note, I think it is time to invest in some new camera lens! I really LOVE the photos with a blurred/soft background, and my current lens just does NOT have that capability. I think it might be time…maybe in the next month or so. Any suggestions on a good and decent priced lens? Let me know below!

    What have YOU learned about your own style? What kinds of clothing do you tend to wear often? I’d love to know!

    I’ve been better at blogging, and I’m hoping that will continue in the warmer months. I honestly don’t know how other bloggers manage to blog every single day! I guess it does help though when you start seeing the financial rewards ;). True story, but to this day, I’ve probably made less than $60 on my blog! BUT the other rewards (creative outlet, constant learning, inspiration to dress up better and thus feel better, opportunities that have resulted from this blog, connecting with others, staying positive, creating an online “portfolio”, finally going after my dreams/passions, etc, there’s so much) have been 100% worth it! A big thank you to those of you who take the time to visit this space and interact with me – makes blogging so much more fun!

    Lastly – similar outfit details below! πŸ™‚