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    This outfit is probably one of my favorite winter #ootd of all times…

    I love how simple but put-together it is – and I owe it all to a fellow blogger. Occasionally, while perusing other fashion blogs, I’ll see an outfit that I really like and will want to recreate it myself. Recently, I came across a blog (don’t remember who’s, unfortunately) and she had on a simple black dress, OTK boots, and a suede moto jacket – and I loved the look! I especially loved it because I had all of the pieces myself and could add my own twist to it, which I did with the socks and pom beanie. I really, really like how all the neutrals came together in this outfit and I’ve already worn it a few times ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite fashion blogs feature outfits that the average person can recreate using pieces in their own closet! My favorite fashion blogs also feature key pieces that can be incorporated into many different looks, as the average person does not have a large budget for new clothing! I’ll admit… my blog falls into this category, and it is meant to inspire re-creation, as opposed to exact duplication. As much as I love to shop, I just don’t have the funds to shop new looks all the time and feature on the blog, which is why I link mainly similar items here (which I’m sure you’ve noticed by now!). I get really excited when I feature something on here that can be purchased directly via a link in my post, like my blush colored pom beanie in this outfit.

    Some key winter basics I’ve been LOVING are: a black long sleeved dress (I’ve worn this SO many times already, don’t know why I didn’t already have this in my closet all these years), tan suede moto jacket (I know you’ve seen this type of jacket ALL OVER social media/blogs), an adorable neutral beanie, and (slightly) slouchy grey over-the-knee boots. This season, I finally hopped on the OTK trend and purchased three of these boots. To be perfectly honest though, I’ve worn the slouchy grey OTK boots the most, as they are comfortable, stay up on their own (no need to keep adjusting the shoe), and flatter me the most (in my opinion).

    What are some key winter basics you’ve been loving? And what are some of your favorite blogs to follow? I’d love to know below! Hope January is still treating you all wonderfully!