• Getting Ready During The Holidays with Rodial


    My favorite part about the holidays?

    Other than finding that fabulous ensemble… is the opportunity to play with makeup and try different looks and different products! Putting on makeup is like therapy to me: it is not only super relaxing, but fun and allows me to clear my head. So during the holidays or any occasion that allows me to spend a little more time on myself – I savor those moments.

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to be selected by the Collectively team to try some new products from #Rodial. I had never head of the Rodial brand before, as they are a UK brand, but upon doing some research, I was really impressed with their luxury products at affordable price points. I’d been in the market for new skin care products, so this was fortuitous timing for me! The line carries some unique and high quality products with some interesting names, such as their Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel. I personally love using the gel as my night-time moisturizer; it’s the perfect combination of moisturizing but not oily.

    In this post, however, I want to talk about some of Rodial’s beauty products that I used while getting ready for the day. For a natural day look, I used:

    • Instagram Compact Deluxe Banana Powder to highlight my cheekbones. I’m particular about highlighting products, especially during the day, but this one gave me a natural glow from within. The color is flattering, the formula is super smooth, and the effect is soft but stunning. For a more dramatic look, you can definitely layer on the powder without going overboard!
    • Smokey Eye Sculpt Eyeshadow Palette to lightly play up my eyes. The palette contains a variety of soft everyday shades as well as a shimmery gold shade and a darker shade for more daring, holiday-esque looks. This palette is great to throw in your purse and would make a great gift for your chic beauty-loving friend!
    • Glamolash Mascara XXL on my eyelashes. The formula is moisturizing and plumping, and I love the wand as it really helps to lift and coat the eyelashes so perfectly.

    I really love the Rodial packaging as well – chic, sleek, and classy. I look forward to many more pamper nights aka getting ready and putting on makeup nights with these lovely products.

    Are you ready for the holidays? What beauty looks and brands are you loving this season? Let me know below! Thanks for following along and I wish you the best last month of the year!

    These products were sent to me to try out, but all opinions are my own! Also, this post was purely optional – but I love the brand so much that I wanted to share with you guys! Thank you for supporting the brands that allow this little blog to remain in operation 😉