• Festive Accessories and Decor to Spruce Up Your Everyday


    These photos and its contents 100% capture the essence of my blog…

    Let me break it down (also my favorite way to “write” out my posts) 🙂

    • My best friend/furry friend… Zoey!!! He always makes me happy (except when he’s bugging me – but even then!) but in these photos, he makes me extra happy because he’s wearing a new, cozy and festive reindeer sweater. What a CUTIE!
    • This dress (similar here, I’m sorry this is an old dress from a Sacramento boutique), what I affectionately coin The Rory Gilmore dress! The color is stunning, the fabric is intricate and lovely, and the cut is classy and adorable. The dress can be worn for SO MANY occasions,  but especially lovely during the holidays.
    • The suede navy blue pumps – a beautiful and classic pair that elevates so many different looks. I’ve worn these beauties many times over.
    • I’m a girly girl through and through, and lately I’ve been especially obsessed with velvet ribbons in my hair. They just add a little extra something to perk up your outfits.
    • Lastly, and certainly not least – the festive hand-made wreath hanging in the background. Home decor is an area that I struggle with, but this little wreath is a no-brainer and will instantly make your home space so much more festive and a bit whimsical as well. Perfect for elevating your space, seasonal photoshoots, or giving as a gift. My sister made the wreath and you can check it out on her Etsy shop here. Another thing I love – supporting local artisans. So even better 🙂

    I hope this post encourages you to elevate your everyday as well – with the little things that actually are the big things (in the grand scheme… of things) Ha!

    Thanks for visiting today, and wishing you guys a lovely weekend! Last couple of ones before ringing in a NEW YEAR!!! Wowsers! I’ll be doing laundry, cleaning, and just seeing where things take me… Ta Ta For Now, cuties!