• The Season-Less Everyday Work Dress | Closet Staples


    Have a work function, networking event, or professional meetup happening soon?

    If so, you need this dress! What I have affectionately coined the … season-less everyday work dress (also because I have no idea what this type of dress is called) Anyone in the fashion industry want to give it a try and name it for me? Leave a comment below!

    I’ve worn the heck out of this dress and this similar dress on NUMEROUS professional occasions (conferences, trade shows, board dinners, meetings, etc etc). I like it because it’s comfortable, modest, appropriate, but still very chic and put-together. I will be bringing it along for all of my work-travel events at the end of this month!

    So I’ve been a bit absent on social media and the blog lately… I just haven’t felt inspired/motivated, and I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps (personal and professional goals not achieved). But after writing in my online journal today… I’ve realized that is the true BEAUTY of life. Life is truly a roller coaster, and without the bad days, you can NOT see the good days. Also, life is a JOURNEY!!!!! A beautiful and oftentimes twisted adventure, and I keep forgetting that! I’m glad that writing in my journal allows me to see that!

    Going forward, my personal mission/challenge/goal is to think POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY for the rest of the year! Banish negative thoughts as they pop up and try really hard to see the positive in every situation, moment, setback, challenge. If you’ve been feeling the winter blahs as well, join me in this personal challenge. I dare you! 🙂

    Let’s make this week a wonderful one! 🙂

    Get similar dress looks below. It took me quite some time to find these similar dresses, and even then, they aren’t as similar as I’d like. Drats!