• My Friendsgiving Outfit | Featuring Zaful


    It’s getting cold here…

    These photos were taken just a week or so ago, and how the weather has changed so quickly. It’s raining and it’s become cold inside my apartment. I have three candles burning to keep warm, and my blankets aren’t warm enough. I went out the other night and had to bring out the beanies and mittens already! I can’t take blog photos after work anymore because it is too dark outside. This puts me in a bit of a conundrum. But I’ll figure it out. I always do.

    I’ve always wondered… when bloggers write out their posts – do they write as if it’s the morning of the scheduled post or write about what’s going on in their life as they are writing the post?? Does that make sense? It confuses me! A lot. Oh well, I will not think about it too much 😉

    Tonight I’m staying in, keeping warm, ordering takeout, and watching a documentary on Netflix. It’s been a hectic few weeks. A night of relaxation is so necessary.

    The above outfit was worn to a Friendsgiving a week ago. The weather was lovely, the leaves were beautiful, and the legs were bare 🙂 Not anymore! I love a little red dress (this one is super cute too – I’m getting it!), and wore it with c/o Zaful trench coat. If you haven’t checked out Zaful yet, I encourage you to do so! They have so many trendy items on that website – perfect for all of your holiday events!

    Hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving!!! Thanks so much for visiting this little blog of mine! 🙂