• The Transitional Floral Top | Missed Connections


    Have any of you ever posted on Craigslist’s Missed Connections?

    I have! (And I’m not afraid to admit it! – But I won’t do it again) Long story short: The other week I was out with a friend. I was sitting at the bar, talking to some people, and I noticed a cutie from across the room (Okay okay, more like, a few feet away from me). Our eyes meet… and for the next hour or so, we continue to make prolonged eye contact every so often. It was INTENSE! (If my friend is reading this right now, she’s probably LAUGHING out loud. Hi Cymande!!) The most intense eye contact I’ve exchanged with the the opposite sex… probably ever! I kept waiting for him to approach me (but unfortunately, I was surrounded by people all evening). By the time I decided that I was going to approach him, he was already sitting down at a table with a bunch of people. So the whole night, I kept thinking about this mystery man, but we were both too chicken (and the timing was never right) to approach each other. SO WE NEVER MET! And I’ve regretted it ever since. So what did I do? I posted an ad on Missed Connections!!! Nothing resulted from the ad (except a bunch of creepers who responded, CLEARLY not my mystery man).

    My takeaway from this experience? Yes, making eye contact with a cute stranger is FUN to do and gives me such a rush – but next time, I’m going to take it one step further, APPROACH the guy, and say hello! You just never know! (Plus, I never want to post on Missed Connections ever again!!!)

    Now… let’s talk about one of my recent favorite outfits. I love how each piece is unique on its own but can be combined with a bunch of other pieces. This transitional floral top is just lovely and I’ve linked similar ones below. It goes well with this (similar) black/white checkered skirt. The skirt can be worn to work or it can be worn with booties in the fall, with a sweater and scarf. These Lulu nude heels are so chic and they seriously add a ladylike elegance to most any outfit!

    What are some of your favorite unique but versatile pieces? Let me know! Also, for all you single ladies out there, what are your best tips for meeting men in your everyday life? Share with me!!! MERCI tres beaucoup!