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    Happy Wednesday!

    In an effort to get outside of my comfort zone, I decided to venture out into Lincoln CA (about 50 miles east of Sacramento) to attend an Instagram Meetup at Wise Villa Winery… on a Tuesday, nonetheless. I’ve never been to these kinds of meetups before, but when my photographer friend Josh invited me (you can probably tell which photos he took – ha ha), I decided to give it a go. I went with my good pal Alina, and even though the meetup wasn’t quite what I expected, I had a lovely evening exploring a new winery. The venue is GORGEOUS (as you can see from the photos, which do NOT do the winery any justice), and we got to see so many bright stars that night. I LOVE star-gazing, but living in the midst of downtown Sacramento, I do not get to star-gaze very often. One of these nights, I would like to travel to the countryside, lay out my sleeping bag, and sleep underneath the stars.

    For the meetup, I wanted to wear something special, and for me, bows=special. This bow top is a bit tricky to wear, but it’s just too darn adorable. I’ve included some alternative options in the widget below. Earrings also equals special to me, and it was just so easy to throw on this simple pair. My trusty satchel goes with me almost everywhere, as you will see in future posts 🙂

    August is an interesting month full of transitions and I’m focusing on just taking it all in. So many changes are coming my way soon, and I am enjoying it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m so glad I always have my little blog to reflect on it all!

    How is August treating you so far? I’d love to know! Thanks for stopping by today!