• Why I Love Blogging | Personal


    Hello, hello! Today’s post is something a bit different than the usual…

    I’m still on vacation (most likely in North Carolina!!!) but will be flying home TODAY! Then I return to work tomorrow and have a few days off before my next adventure. This is definitely the year of taking life risks and living outside of my comfort zone!

    For today’s post, I wanted to share with you why I LOVE blogging. I started in January 2015, and I can wholeheartedly say that it has changed my life. I adore blogging because:

    • It gives me a creative, fun, and challenging outlet which makes for a really cool portfolio as well. If I’m ever “bored” – I can work on my blog. I can learn about all sorts of things (HTML, WordPress, photography, editing, working with brands, Google Analytics, etc etc, as running a blog is like owning your own business) – Bonus, you have complete creative control!
    • It has exposed me to many awesome new brands and products
    • It has motivated and inspired me to go after my dreams and passions. Everything seems within my reach now!
    • It has also motivated and inspired me to take more risks EVERY DAY
    • Allows me to reflect, look back, and move forward. Most importantly, it makes me realize my life is pretty darn wonderful, as is! (But can always be better) 😉
    • I’ve met more awesome people through blogging (through promoting my blog at in person networking events, through emails, social media, etc – it just opens up new possibilities for meeting people)
    • It has really made me take a better look at my closet and truly invest in pieces that I adore
    • It pushes me to make the most of my clothing EVERY SINGLE DAY. It also pushes me to experiment with different products, different styles, makeup looks. And of course – When you look good, you feel good!

    Do you blog? Why do you love blogging? Let me know below!

    I’m looking forward to blogging in real time (sorta) after my 11-day Southern vacation. I’ll probably have a few travel posts in the coming week, which will be new to me 🙂

    PS: The dress I’m wearing is from Sugar Shack Boutique in Midtown Sacramento, but I bought it years ago. I call it the Rory dress (as in Rory from Gilmore Girls)! I’ve linked several similar options below.

    Thanks for visiting today!! You all make blogging even more worthwhile!