• The Everyday Work/Travel/Play Bag


    There seems to be a theme with my posts: everyday style…

    But for good reason. For the longest time, I used to keep all of my “beautiful” articles of clothing hidden in my closet – just waiting for the perfect occasion, the perfect timing. Then I realized that if I thought that way, I would never get to wear all of my most beautiful pieces of clothing and they would never, ever see the light of day. Since then, I’ve embraced the idea that the everyday is just as good as the “special occasions” but even better, because you don’t have to wait around! I AM ALL ABOUT dressing for the life you want, EVERY DAY! (I’m working on it).

    More recently, I’ve started investing in key pieces that I can wear everyday – pieces that are high-quality, versatile, well-made, and just well, beautiful (and functional). Pieces like this rust-brown colored satchel (I think the rust color is out of stock but this gray/taupe satchel is lovely and a good everyday color as well!), which was a bit of an investment for me, but so worth it. Also when things are an investment, you treat it better 😉

    I plan on wearing this GORGEOUS satchel to work, out on the town, business trips, travel – anywhere I can take it! (Well, not really)

    Other key pieces for everyday style: a colorful striped tee, and a chambray wrap skirt. Both pieces literally go with anything in your closet – trust me. My closet is pretty small (for a blogger) and these two pieces have “saved” me on  a few occasions.

    So, lately I’ve been taking all kinds of small “risks” – and it’s definitely been making my life so fun and exciting! It’s like I never know what can happen and for the first time in a long time (or maybe ever), I feel like anything is within my reach. I LOVE this feeling, which motivates me to continue taking risks every single day! And to top it off, I ordered Chinese takeout tonight and my fortune cookie read “An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting.” 🙂 How freakin uncanny is that!!! For anyone out there who feels like their life is in a rut, I encourage you to shake it up and take some risks, because yes it might be scary/uncomfortable/out of your comfort zone, BUT it will definitely make your life much more interesting and it will definitely be one step closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of living! (I can attest to this!) 🙂

     Get the outfit details below! Thanks for following along!!