• Monthly Roundup & Lisa Lately | New Blog Series



    Happy Monday and Happy First Day of August! Best time to start fresh, yes?

    With a new month comes a new series coming to the blog today: Monthly Roundup and Lisa Lately

    I really enjoy the roundups I’ve been seeing on various blogs and do find them pretty helpful (and interesting!) so I thought I would incorporate it into my own blog. My website is a bit different from most other bloggers, so we’ll see how it actually lays out… Let me know what you think! To the left are some of the notable outfit highlights from the month of July, you can shop the looks below!

    I also really like learning more about the author/writer behind a blog, so I always enjoy the posts with a bit of a personal touch. So here goes…

    First and foremost, you can learn more about me and why I started blogging here.

    Here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on in my life lately:

    Job/Work: By day, I work at an educational nonprofit doing event/conference planning, fundraising, membership cultivation and development, outreach, and a variety of other things. We are wrapping up most our events for the remainder of the year, and we’re gearing up for all of the events we have in 2017. There is a lot going on next year, so I’m starting the planning of it all NOW! But not before I go on vacation end of August!

    Love/Relationship: I’m still single and not dating anyone at all, which is a nice feeling. Nothing to report here for a change! I’m pretty over the whole internet dating thing, but I’m still making an effort in everyday life. My goal is to do something scary/risky every day, and this certainly (and especially) applies in the romantic arena πŸ˜‰

    Social: Been focusing on cultivating and maintaining the authentic and worthwhile friends in my life! As you get older, you learn that it is definitely quality over quantity. Who you spend your time with is more important than ever! I’ve also been trying new things (networking events, photography meetups) and putting myself in new and unique (to me) situations.

    Blogging: Still blogging 85% for me, and 15% hoping to “monetize” a bit. Not a bad ratio, I think. Thanks so much for all of your support!

    Let me know if there is anything I’m missing! I hope you enjoyed this post! Also, let me know if you read blogs on Mondays, I’m experimenting with the “best” times to Β post during the week. I appreciate YOU!!

    Everything but this printed red Lulu dressΒ is in the widget below πŸ™‚