• Everyday Essentials

    wrap shirt

    Dress for the life you want…

    Before this blog, I never really thought too much about what I wore on a daily basis (even though I was a textiles and clothing with an emphasis on marketing/economics major!). But over the last year or so, and especially recently, I’ve learned that clothing and how you dress can really make a difference: in how you feel about yourself, your mood, your interactions with others, your abilities, your motivation, so many things! Whenever I look my best, I feel and do my best (really, truly madly deeply do) πŸ™‚

    My goal is to fill my closet with pieces of clothing that are high-quality (but affordable), unique, special, and most importantly – versatile (must play well with others). It is an ever-changing process of finding out what works for my body type, what is classic, what I will love for years to come, and what will make me feel good.

    So: this week’s installment of “everyday essentials” is the beginning of investing in pieces of clothing that will make up my “closet essentials”

    • Purple/black long cardigan – I purchased this recently during the #nsale and I’m so looking forward to wearing it soon. It’ll look great with all of your fall outfits. I will also be wearing it to walk the dog in the mornings!
    • Cognac tote – An everyday tote that will make ANY outfit look chic.
    • Plaid top – I purchased this during the Nordstrom sale as well, and I love how soft it is (and hopefully wrinkle free). I’ll keep you posted.
    • Blanket scarf – The quintessential accessory to make any outfit look put together. “Enough said”
    • Neutral blouse – This adorable blouse with the ruching is definitely on my wishlist. You’ll definitely wear it to work, happy hour, and even casually on the weekend.
    • 3/4 blouse – You’ve probably seen this all over the blogging world. I saw it on a few blogs before deciding to purchase one myself. I’m not a blouse person, but I wanted to invest in one quality blouse for ALL occasions, so I got this one. I’m hoping it does NOT disappoint!

    I’m so excited to start dressing smarter! What are some of your everyday essentials? I’d LOVE to know below!

    I hope you have a great weekend! By the time this post is up (Friday morning), I’ll be on my way to Atlanta to start my vacation!!!! I’m going to be exploring Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina with my best friend, and I’m SUPER excited for an incredible adventure!! πŸ™‚

    PS: I would love your input on whether this type of post is HELPFUL to you at all! Some of my goals in maintaining this blog is to motivate myself to “dress up” (through the normal outfit photos) and to inspire and motivate you in some way. But if this type of post isn’t really that helpful or inspiring, do let me know, as they do require a bit of work πŸ˜‰ THANKS for your feedback!!! I hope you all have a crazy/fun/relaxing/incredible/fill in the blank weekend!