• The Most Adorable Bikini Ever


    I’ll admit, when I first clicked on this bikini and saw the price tag, I was shocked…

    I was not planning on buying the bikini at all, even though I thought it was STUNNING (It has also been on my wishlist for quite some time). But as the weeks went by, I found myself still lusting after the bikini… So I gave in to temptation and purchased it. Why?

    • Yes, I’m a bikini fanatic, but also I had not purchased a single bikini all summer (QUALITY over QUANTITY). This set is worth 5-6 so-so bikinis, in my opinion
    • Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself 😉
    • It is handmade, the blush pinky nude shade is gorgeous, and I love the crochet trim details
    • No strings = no hassle

    I haven’t regretted the purchase since! It is actually even more lovely in person, and the fit is awesome. It is a unique bikini and I just know I will be wearing it for years to come. Pool/river/lake/beach/hot tub days and nights – I’m ready for you!!

    What are your plans this weekend? Doing anything fun or productive?! Let me know! Also, what have you been up to – anything new or exciting? I just signed up for a trial kickboxing class and I’m super excited!!

    Note: These photos were taken when me and some friends went hiking along Yuba River last weekend. The water was incredible and super clear – if you live in Northern Cali, I suggest checking it out!!