• The Little Red Dress – Part 2 {and add-ons to complete any summer ensemble}










    Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever…Β 

    Who else loves the show Felicity as much as I do?! I find myself justifying a lot of my actions and behaviors because either Felicity has done it or she would do it. (*crazy actions and behaviors, wink wink)

    Anyhow! You all know my love affair with a little red dress (as I’ve blogged about before), and here on the blog is another little red dress from Lulus. I adore Lulus because they have the cutest things and everything on their website is pretty darn affordable. You can’t go wrong! Whenever I wear a little red dress, and this one in particular, I feel like I am ready for anything – spontaneous road trips, adventure, fun, anything and everything is possible! Don’t you just love that feeling!?

    I’ve never really been an accessories gal, but on this particular day, I loved how some simple and key accessories really made my dress POP! I got one compliment on my outfit, which inspires me to accessorize more! Key accessories for me include:

    • A fedora hat – I’m all about being sun-safe, and this hat goes with everything
    • Cute sunglasses – I love these floral ones, and they are really affordable!
    • Tan purse with a bow – again, it goes with everything (This one is a bit pricier but the scallop detail is super cute!!)
    • Neutral cage-heels – is that what you would call these? They really add some oomph to a simple look

    What are some of your key accessories? Do share with me below!

    PS: Any blogger babes out there want to start a blogging brainstorm chat session? I’m thinking monthly or so, haven’t really nailed down the details yet… If you’re interested, leave a comment or email me! πŸ™‚

    You can shop my look below! The Lulus dress I’m wearing is not included in the widget below, but I linked some additional cute and affordable options, although I’m partial to the Lulus dress I’m wearing πŸ˜‰