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    Ah, blogging.

    I have a love/hate relationship with blogging. In some ways, it has truly changed my life. In other ways, it has led to other problems that typically wouldn’t occur if it wasn’t for #mylittleblog. But let’s talk about the positives, shall we? One of the positives of blogging (also a negative, depending on how you look at it) is the style inspiration I get from fellow bloggers, namely the average, every-day blogger. Take this striped dress, for example. I saw it on another blog, and thought it was adorable and affordable. So, I bought it! If I hadn’t seen another average person wearing it, I probably would never have came across the dress.

    This everyday dress is just that, great for the casual, average (non-work) day. Whenever I’m running errands, I throw it on. Whenever I have nothing to wear, I throw it on. It is one of those go-to easy dresses that instantly makes you feel comfortable and put-together – gotta love that! I had on the dress when I was getting a makeover at my local Sephora. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this Smashbox liquid lipstick in Miss Conduct for a few weeks now. I finally got to try it on during my makeover – and I ADORE it! I’m definitely a natural makeup girl who loves dark, vampy lips 😉

    A brief mention about the earrings I’m wearing. I’m not a big accessories gal, but once in a full moon, I do love to throw on a pair of beautiful earrings. Earrings make me feel put-together, dainty, and lady-like, all things that I like! I especially enjoy finding beautiful hand-made earrings on Etsy, because who doesn’t love to support small businesses and local artisans?? My sister recently launched her own Etsy shop, and I snatched a pair of these lovely hand-made tear-drop earrings. They go with ANY outfit (I swear) and amps it up instantly! I’ve worn it several times already.  If you are interested in unique, hand-made earrings and supporting small businesses, check out my sister’s Etsy shop – you will LOVE it!

    THANKS so much for your continued support, it means a ton! I will be announcing a giveaway soon, so check back soon! I hope you’re having the loveliest Wednesday! Let me know which Etsy shops YOU love – I wanna check em out!