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    What a crazy week it has been!

    I don’t know about you, but since starting my blog in January 2015, I’ve found myself perusing a ton of blogs (not a bad thing at all) and as a result, buying a ton of things!! There is something about reading and seeing a clothing item on someone else’s body, seeing how they wear it and WHERE they wear it. Maybe I’m secretly coveting their life and by dressing the part, I’m halfway there… Maybe. (Debatable). In certain articles of clothing, I feel like I can do anything (I’m sure many of you feel the same way… it is why we LOVE getting dressed/clothing, right?!)

    I’m a big believer in attainable and affordable feel-good fashion. Most (if not all) of my purchases are what I consider affordable. However! I do splurge once in a while, if it is worth it. (Nothing wrong with that at all… moderation is KEY! So I tell myself…)

    While you guys were out enjoying your holiday weekend, I was working on my blog (and shopping). Here are some note-worthy items I picked up and why:

    • Taupe Tassel Sandals – I have a ton of wedges, heels, boots, etc etc, but barely any cute, comfy sandals that go with everything. I like these because they are neutral, low-heeled, and they are adorable.
    • Blush Crochet-Trimmed Bikini – This one is a splurge item for me. I have a #bikinifetish (seriously in college I was known as the hot-tub girl) but shockingly enough I have not purchased any new bikinis this season! This blush beauty with the adorable crochet detail will be my first and only bikini purchase this summer.
    • Blush Scallop Bag – I love blush and I love scallops! I wanted a neutral work bag with scallop details as I know I will wear this a ton. It will also make a good carry-on bag for travel, don’t you think!?
    • Lace-up Striped DressThe Miller Affect made me buy this 🙂 I wanted a soft, affordable, striped and lace-up dress and this one fits the bill. I envision this dress being a Farmer’s Market/errand running/road trip staple.
    • Off the shoulder Blush Dress – Again, The Miller Affect made me buy this. I haven’t purchased an OTS dress yet this season, and I figure this neutral one will be very versatile and another breezy staple!

    I can’t wait to get these items in the mail! It’ll be like Christmas all week long (My favorite words at work, “Lisa, you’ve got a package!!”) I’ll be showcasing them on the blog and the numerous ways I’ll wear each item 😉

    Blogging has been both a blessing and a curse! All the brands/companies out there have definitely nailed down their target audience – aspiring fashion bloggers. They get you with their affiliate programs knowing full well that you will be the main person buying all of their products – so tricky they are!

    What have been some of your recent purchases? And how do you justify them!? TELL ME. (Tell me what you think is going on, what’s going on – Smilez and South Star 🙂 Google it! Thanks for visiting today and every DAY!

    PS: Thanks to those (ahem – 2 of you. I super appreciate!) who have reached out to me with your interest in joining a blogging brainstorm session. If you are interested, email me or comment below. I’m working on nailing down the first #bloggerbrainstormingsess soon. Promise!

    PPS: I’d love to know – Are these types of posts helpful to you? If so, I might make it a semi-regular “series” but instead of “My Recent Purchases” I’ll title it something like “My Everyday Essentials” or something like that. I can’t buy everything I love/need – or I’ll go broke!! #bloggerproblems #neverthoughtIwouldusethehashtagsomuch

    You can shop all the items below, except for these Lulu sandals