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    My next installment of the recently launched “Everyday Essentials|Recent Purchases” series – YAY?

    So I did the first installment here, and decided to make it a bi-weekly series (maybe, let’s see how it goes). All of the items pictured are recent purchases of mine. The next installment will probably have a combination of recent purchases as well as wishlist items – as I’m going on vacation in late August and need to save up for that! 🙂

    Let’s get started!

    • (My photography skills are improving, aren’t they!? Glad you noticed, wink wink) Rose Floral Toner – I have been wanting a rosewater mist for some time now, and when I was at Sephora getting a makeover, the lady recommended this toner, which can be used as a toner OR a mist. I love carrying these types of products with me on-the-go and ESPECIALLY during the summertime. It refreshes your face and leaves a nice, light rose fragrance in the air. I highly recommend it – extra oomph refresher every day!
    • Setting Mist with Rosemary – Similar to the rose mist above but this one is rosemary scented AND has SPF!!!!!!!!! How incredible is that!? Absolutely perfect and necessary for a SPF refresher when you’re out in the sun, hiking, at the pool, etc.
    • Anastasia eye shadow in Buon Fresco – I tried on this shade during my makeover, and I LOVED it! It is a natural shade but the mauve undertones really amp it up.
    • Kate Spade agenda – I am a planner by day and night. I am a planner in general. I LOVE planners and I’ve been researching different planners in the last few weeks. I got this one because it is pretty and functional. It is sturdy, has tabs to divide the months, a large monthly calendar, and week view. I’m thinking of using this planner for blog planning. I have to admit, I don’t usually spend much on planners, but decided to splurge on this one because it is GORGEOUS! Plus, I’m going to use it everyday – so at least I have something pretty to look at!
    • Tear drop earrings – I talked about these earrings in Wednesday’s post. My sister made these, and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit.
    • Rebecca Minkoff satchel – Okay, okay, I gave in! I don’t normally spend a lot (more than $100) on things, but I felt this satchel was well justified. I wanted an everyday bag for work, for travel, etc etc, and I wanted something that was well-made. This satchel fits the bill, I can’t wait to carry it around (almost) everyday!!

    That’s it! I really need to stop shopping (really). Whenever I’m sad, I shop. Whenever I’m happy, I shop. However, I just need to STOP! Starting now! What have been your recently justified purchases?

    YAY WEEKEND – and birthday pool parties – will definitely be using the Rosemary Mist with SPF then!! One of these days, I’ll post on Monday and it’ll be YAY MONDAY!! Until then…