• Ladylike


    This is probably (one of my) favorite outfits EVER!

    It is fairly simple, but something about it just makes me feel so lady-like AND happy! I’m going to coin it my FEEL GOOD outfit from here on out. I think I will even wear it to my next dentist appointment for extra feel good vibes 😉

    Let’s break it down, shall we?!

    • The floral black and white skirt – High waisted for maximum curve creation and the print is fun and swingy. You’ll be reaching for this ladylike skirt time and time again, trust me.
    • The super soft black tee with the cut-out detailing on the shoulder – Lately I’ve been loving basic tees with a twist, and this black tee fits the bill.
    • Nude strappy heels – These Lulu beauties are such a staple, I don’t know why I didn’t own a pair sooner! They are classic and lady-like, and the color just goes with everything (obviously) and elongates your frame. Perfect for just about anyone!

    I wore this lovely ensemble two ways, one for work-time (with the everyday nude tote), and then for after-hours (with a white chain purse).

    By the time this post goes live, it will be Wednesday morning. As I’m writing this, it is Sunday afternoon and I’m hanging out at my local coffee shop and feeling very creative and blogger-esque. If only there were cool blogger gals in the Sacramento area that could join me for semi-regular blogging sessions…. But until then, I’ll settle for working solo (and brainstorm with other bloggers remotely)!

    Thanks for visiting today, you cutie pie you. As always, you can shop my ladylike look down below. The exact nude heels I’m wearing aren’t in the widget but they can be found here. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!