• Casual Basics

    Dressing casually has always been a (style) challenge of mine…

    If it wasn’t for this blog, I would probably be wearing sweats in these pictures! Or the equivalent of sweats in the summer-time. And then feeling crummy (ish) all day long! I’m telling you, clothing can really change your attitude and how you interact with the people around you! *Good clothing, that is! (i.e no sweats, you actually tried clothing) Do you feel the same way, or is this just me?

    Since the weekend is near and dear, I wanted to post a casual outfit I wore to frolic in the park with my pup: an effortless striped dress (just put it on and you’re out the door – perfect for a day date or the Farmer’s Market), black sandals, striped tote, and a touch of something cute – a floral headband. Dear readers – do you have a problem with casual but put-together attire? What are your tricks?! Let me know!

    I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

    Check out affordable versions of my casual ensemble below! 🙂