• Versatile and Affordable Must-Have Separates


    Why is it such a CHALLENGE to find cute and versatile tops!?

    I swear, every time I get dressed I have tons of bottoms to choose from (mostly skirts!), and a drawer full of tops BUT nothing to wear! I seriously struggle with this every single time I get dressed (Do you!?). I was so happy to find this top at my local Crossroads recently, and I have a feeling it’ll be one of those go-to tops I’ll reach for, over and over again. I’m repetitive, what can I say…

    This top is a MUST because:

    • It is effortless and versatile – can be worn to work, happy hour, date night, what have you
    • It is so breezy – PERFECT for the summertime. In the wintertime, just layer it with a turtle-neck and voila!

    Here are some similar tops, all by Liz Claiborne: this beautiful ombre top, a classic blue sleeveless top, and you can’t go wrong with a white sleeveless top.

    You also need to add a denim skirt to your wardrobe. Preferably one with cute bows on them, how adorable are they!?

    Lastly, these nude lace-up wedge sandals are an absolute necessity – I’ve worn them several times already. They are definitely becoming the go-to summer shoe this season.

    Ahhhhhh I’m still super bummed about the NBA finals 🙁 Now that basketball season is over, what am I going to do with myself?! But on a happy note, Sacramento is getting a new arena this fall! A new state-of-the-art arena*, I don’t know if Sacramento is ready for this yet… Regardless, playoffs here we come!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments you guys have been leaving on my blog – I SUPER APPRECIATE each one of you and they make me smile, especially after a crazy work day. THANK YOU!!

    Shop similar and affordable looks below, if you desire 😉