• The Perfect Skirt for Slender Figures


    The slender girl’s guide to dressing…

    I feel like a broken record with all of my posts geared towards ladies with slender figures BUT it’s important to me, so the show must go on! I know it might seem like it’s a cinch to get dressed if you’re slender, but I’ve always disagreed with that. There are some articles of clothing I steer away from because they actually make me look more slender (I know, the oxymoron (is that the right word?) is similar to straight-haired girls wanting curly hair and vice versa). Honestly, I’m still working on loving my body for what it is, and making it better! But in the meantime, I’m all about dressing for your body type!

    If you’re slender and crave curves (or want to appear a bit more curvy – slender curves, I like to call it!) this twist skirt is a must-have! It is effortless, goes with many looks, and it creates the illusion of a curvier behind 😉 I found this piece at my local Crossroads, and was so thrilled! Lucky for you ladies, I found it online here as well, and it is super duper affordable! Score!!! I kept the look simple with some summer essentials below.

    How’s June treating you!? June! Can you believe it? It’s already scorching hot in Sacramento, and it’s miserable at night. On the plus side, summertime in Sac-town means floating on the river, kayaking, water fall hikes, and boating galore. Bring on the sunscreen, bikinis, and smoothies!

    Thanks for following along! I so appreciate the kind emails (one) I’ve gotten – it really makes me so happy and inspired to keep working on this little blog of mine 🙂