• The Darling Little Floral Red Dress


    Allow me to introduce you to one of my classic go-to dresses for pretty much any occasion: the little floral red dress.

    This dress is a staple for me because:

    • It makes me feel great! And you should know by now my favorite slogan: When you look good, you feel good!
    • In this dress, I’m ready for anything: date night, evening walks, errands, baseball games, road trips, spontaneous what-have-yous, a day by the river, you name it.
    • It makes me happy! Some clothes make you feel happy the moment you put it on. This dress does that for me 🙂

    Sometimes, it is all about the psychological effects that clothing can have on us. Seemingly trivial, but pretty powerful stuff!

    I’m sitting in my hotel room writing this post, and I am SO beat. I’m in San Francisco all this week for a work event, and I am looking forward to it being over (isn’t that a sad mentality? I’m working on it!) BUT to be a bit more positive, I’m also looking forward to catching up with and old college friend while in the Bay. Work travel certainly has its perks at times…

    I hope you all have a healthy, productive, and fun-filled week! Wish me luck on this work event of mine! I’m trying to relax and not go crazy, but being the Type A person that I am, it can be a challenge at times! If you have tips on how to relax when you’re a people pleasing, somewhat perfectionist-type person, please let me know below. My sanity and peace of mind thanks you! 🙂