• Summer Going-Out Staples

    I’ve learned some interesting things about myself this week…

    Sometimes, when you take the time to stop and reflect, and invest in self-care (for me that includes regular facials and a life-coaching session here and there), you really zero in on your strengths and weaknesses, your passions, your shortcomings, your goals, etc etc. You realize that even though you think the world of yourself, that comes with some pretty self-destructive habits as well (but another post for another time… maybe)

    Another thing I’ve always known about myself and something I believe wholeheartedly: When you look good, you feel good! And you can conquer anything. Clothing does that for me, and I hope it can do that for you as well! When I feel put-together, my mind and attitude shifts in positive and powerful ways. I’m all about adding affordable and versatile feel-good pieces to my tiny closet, which is why I love the outfit I’m wearing in this post!

    On this particular evening I had plans to go to a local bar in Sacramento and listen to an AWESOME live 90s cover band. 90s music is the best music! For this fun outing, I chose to wear: separate pieces that work all summer long! Crochet/lace shorts (only $19.50!) and a gray ribbed tee, pop-of-color bag, pop-of-color wedges, my favorite lipstick ever (I’m not a lip color person but I wear this one ALL THE TIME), and a head wrap to add some oomph to an otherwise casual outfit! One of my favorite ways to accessorize is by adding a silk scarf to my ensemble, so I’ve got quite the silk scarf collection.

    It’s going to be so busy at work the next couple of weeks! I’m going to be travelling twice this month, I can’t wait until things simmer down again. What is on your summer agenda!? Do let me know!

    Shop the look below! Thank you for visiting, I so appreciate it!