• Shades of White


    White on white is probably one of my favorite combos e-v-e-r!

    I love a monochromatic look because it is:

    • fun to do
    • chic
    • easy to do
    • allows you to be creative with items in your closet

    I especially love shades of white because it is essential in the summertime AND (you probably already guessed this) it looks fantastic on slender figures. Dressing for your figure is a must-do, and light shades (i.e white) is a slender gal’s best friend! (as well as pleats, right?!)

    White jeans are all the craze right now, and I’m happy that I finally have a pair! I’m looking to add more flattering, white jeans to my closet, so if you have recommendations on brands I must check out, let me know below! I love adding texture to a monochromatic look, and a white lace halter top is perfect for doing just that. Brown booties and a cream/nude purse complete the look.

    Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend! I have a friend’s graduation party to attend on Saturday and then I’m going to hike Mount Tamalpais the very next day. I love Mount Tam, it is one of the most beautiful and whimsical hikes I’ve ever been on.  If you haven’t been, you need to go! What will you be doing this weekend? And what will you be wearing? That’s always important! 😉

    Shout out to my friend and colleague, Vanessa, for taking these photos for me! Thank you, thank you!

    White Jeans | (Affordable and cute white jeans here)

    Lace Halter Top | (A bit pricier but super adorable vintage version here. Would look great with so many pieces)

    Brown Booties (I’ve worn these many times on the blog! Similar brown booties here)

    Purse | Similar here, worn many times as well! Talk about some serious bang for your buck!

    NEW – Shop the look below! I’m still excited I learned how to add this widget 🙂