• Teal Lace Two Piece | Graduation

    Graduations are the best excuse to get all dressed up!

    … and celebrate accomplishments, of course! A few months ago, I decided to apply for Sacramento’s City Management Academy, and I was so happy when I was accepted. The CMA (as it is known for) is a program put on by the City of Sacramento, and it aims to inspire residents to get more involved in the city. The program teaches its participants how the city is managed and operated and each week, a different city department came to present to the class. In addition, there was ample time for networking among classmates, alumni, and department staff. It was a wonderful experience, and I was happy to meet new people, learn about city governance, and be back in the classroom.

    We had our graduation and reception the other week at City Hall, and it was the perfect opportunity to wear a two-piece teal set that I had not worn before. I purchased the teal pencil skirt and matching crop top six months ago, and this was my first time wearing it! That never happens! I love the dainty lace details and especially love how each piece can be worn separately or together. Most people thought I was wearing a dress! I got so many compliments on the lace set, I don’t know why I didn’t wear it sooner. To add further sparkle to the lace set, I added rose gold heels and a chic, white purse.

    I had the BEST time celebrating with friends!! I’m so glad I decided to invite two special friends to come to my graduation, because it made for a spectacular evening. For all of you guys who are graduating this month or next, congrats! And make sure to celebrate in style 😉

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