• Prints on Prints


    When nothing matches, just mix it up!

    I adore mixing prints. The more mismatched, the better! I love the tribal print on this asymmetrical skirt, and love it even more paired with this adorable horse print top (similar-ish version here). I wore this outfit to brighten up a Monday workday and it worked because I had a productive and happy day! Looking down at the horses on my top made me smile all day! Also, mixing prints is a slender gal’s best friend. I know that the fashion industry makes it seem like slender gals have it easy in terms of being able to wearing pretty much anything. But I’m here to tell you, that’s not necessarily always the case. There are some things I would love to wear, but choose not to because I don’t think it looks good on my body type… But! This year, I’m learning to embrace my body for what it is and what it can do, and not so much what it looks like. Healthy bodies are beautiful bodies, and I’m so happy that fashion allows all of us to adorn ourselves with beautiful pieces of fabric everyday.

    This week… I’m aiming to get up early every morning, wash my face, put on SPF, wear something cute!, smile and say hello to every stranger I come across, be more patient and focus on others more! I challenge you to do the same, if you don’t already 😉 This quote from yoga class the other night has inspired me – “Each moment is a practice; of letting go, of patience, of speech.”

    And I leave you with another magical gem from one of my favorite TV shows ever (you’ll have to guess where it’s from!): Sometimes, it’s the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever.

    Think about it! Hope you all have a lovely week!

    Skirt | Joas + Closet (this skirt is pretty similar, so is this skirt, here’s an asymmetrical skirt)

    Shirt | Philosophy (I looked all over but could not find anything! This Diane von Furstenberg top is adorable though)

    Purse | from boutique in Sacramento (I found a similar satchel)

    Heels | Seychelles (These dress up everything! Similar rose gold heels)