• Cozy for Hot Cocoa

    Coffee shops + hot cocoa + rainy days = Blogging Bliss

    At least I thought so on this particular day (and yes, it did rain some in Sacramento). These are my first real (not from Target) rain boots ever!! They are pretty darn cute, especially with the thigh high socks. I got so many compliments on my distressed sweater dress (from Arden B a few seasons ago), as I was working away and sipping on hocho (learned that term from Gilmore Girls – favorite show!) at the coffee shop near my apartment. And don’t get me started on my striped cardigan – it’s so soft and cozy, I’ve worn it so many times this winter, as you will see in future posts 😉
    Don’t you just love spending solo time at the coffee shop?! So relaxing, indulgent (with the fancy hot cocoa), and you get to eavesdrop on people’s first date conversations! So much better than hanging out at the bars! 
    Are you a hot cocoa person? Tell me, do you like the little marshmallows or the big ones – these are important details! As always, thanks for visiting and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!