• My Personal Goals for 2016

    What better way to keep myself accountable to my personal goals then putting it on the Internet?!

    Personal Goals (in no particular order)

    Read one book a month (starting a book club will surely help!)
    – Participate in at least 3 run for a good cause races (ROC 5K, Run to Feed the Hungry, etc.)
    – Attend at least 1 different/interesting event each month
    – Say YES to EVERYTHING* (swing dance lessons, pottery class, spontaneous road trip, photo shoot, game night, dates with people who aren’t my usual type, rock climbing, the list is endless – I want to experience it all and get out of my comfort zone)
    – Smile and say hello to nice strangers in my everyday life
    – Become more informed and up to date on current events (This one is big – I’m still searching for a good site/app that meets my needs. If you have suggestions, let me know!)
    *within reason 😉
    So there we go, some of my major personal goals this year! It’ll be fun for me to check back and see how I’m doing! What are some of your major goals this year!? Let’s keep each other accountable! 🙂