• Wintertime White (and I need your help)

    I have always been a fan of the color white, especially in the summertime.  I will wear white year round because I love how simple and beautiful the color looks, especially on tan or semi-tan skin.  One of my (fashion) goals this year is to find a pair of white jeans, so if you know of a good brand, please do let me know!  Over the weekend, I was inspired by a blogger (I don’t remember who it was!) who wore a simple dress with an extravagant cardigan.  I decided to re-create the look with my own pieces, so below is what I came up with.  I live in Sacramento, and it is pretty warm for January, so I was able to wear this dress without any tights or leggings! I am definitely loving this simple dress and cardi pairing!

    White dress: Vintage store in Midtown Sacramento
    Tan and gray cardigan; ASOS

    I love the ruffly detail on this vintage-y white tank dress. It can be worn casual like with this cardigan, or more dressed up.

    Zoey makes an appearance! Can’t you tell how much he wants to be in the photo?! 🙂
    The back of the cardigan is cut straight across. The front is very unique (as you can see from the pictures here).

    I paired this look with soft waves and a natural lip color.

    I also tried the makeup look with a “vampy” balm stain from NYX.  The balm stain is incredibly moisturizing, and a nice change of pace from my matte lipsticks.

    Nude/pink flats: Loft
    White is definitely a color that anyone can wear – you just have to find the shade that works for your skin color! What are some of your favorite colors to wear in the wintertime?
    So getting to the “and I need your help” part of my post title… I want to know, how do YOU take your outfit photos? So far, it’s either mirror pictures (which I do not like), self timer on my phone (which is okay, but not my favorite), or having someone else take my pictures (which is so inconvenient).  If you know of some cool tips, programs, or gadgets out there, please share!  I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for visiting, and happy first day of February (one of my favorite months). Can you believe it’s already February!???!!!