• White and Yellow, White and Yellow

    Happy Sunday, lovely bloggers (and non-bloggers) of the internet! I hope you’re having a nice end to your weekend.  Here in Sacramento, it has been raining non-stop, so I decided to upload a cheery white and yellow outfit to add a little sunshine to an otherwise dreary day.  It is no secret that I love the color white, and I love mixing white with pops of bight colors. I typically don’t pair white and yellow together (for fear of looking like a bee… oops, that’s probably black and yellow…you get my point), but I decided to try it out, and I definitely like it! Here are some photos that were taken when I was visiting my parents the other weekend…

    Yellow sweater: Old Navy
    White pleated skirt: Topshop
    Brown booties: Crossroads
    (How adorable is Zoey in the background!?)

    I love pleats because they add curves to a narrow frame, and this is my first white pleated skirt! (Other than my tennis skirt, that is…) I’m excited to pair it with other tops. Although I love this yellow sweater, it’s a little too long for this outfit, but what can you do…

    My favorite part about this sweater is the cute little bow-tie in the back. I love bows!!

    For casual errands (I was at the library in this picture), I added a coral purse for an extra pop of color!
    Purse: Fashion truck in Midtown Sacramento (hehe, those are becoming popular in this town)

    I really loved wearing this skirt for the first time, but I noticed that it scrunched up with combined with tights! It was somewhat annoying to keep on straightening my skirt, so next time, I’ll forgo the tights.

    Finally, no outfit post of  mine is complete without a makeup and hair shot! I used a clamp-less curling iron the day before, and the waves still stuck the next day – gotta love that.  For my makeup look, I kept it pretty casual but added a pop of golden yellow shadow (Get Lucky from ColurPop) to the lids, which I loved against the yellow sweater.
    As always, thank you for visiting and see you next time! Happy Sunday!!