• Hiking and Good Eats

    There is nothing better than a day filled with beautiful views, a challenging workout, nice weather, and good eats.  Two things that put me in an instant good mood are a good hike followed by some good food.  Recently, I went back to Winters, CA, for a nice 6 mile hike.  It was a beautiful Friday, and the place was pretty much deserted.  The hike has gorgeous views of Lake Shasta.

    A challenging hike, but well worth the views! Bring your camera!

    On this particular hike, I wore black leggings, Merrill hiking boots, and a cheetah print sweater from Sugar Shack in Midtown Sacramento.  I also brought along a backpack from Urban Outfitters and sunglasses from Marshall’s.

    Taking a quick lunch break.  I brought along crackers, salami, and pepper jack cheese, as well as Cara Cara oranges (my favorite oranges!!).  I highly recommend bringing a lunch for this hike, as it can get pretty strenuous.

    After the hike, I treated myself to one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes, bun bo hue.  It is basically a spicy beef flavored noodle soup.  I think it’s so much tastier than the well known pho!

    All in all, it was a lovely day filled with some of my favorite things.  What are some of your favorite hikes in Northern California? Also, what are some things that put you in an instant good mood?